Hometown: Columbia, SC
Certification: AAFA
Fun Facts: I LOVE to color to relax. . . I was doing it long before "adult" coloring books came out. Give me a kiddie coloring book, colored pencils and I'm good for hours!!
Favorite Exercise: Single arm snatch
Food of Choice: EGGS & TRAIL MIX!!!
Why I Love OTF: I have always loved interval training because I know it’s the best way to achieve your results. There's nothing better than pushing yourself to the limit for a short period of time then reaping the benefits of it for hours & hours to come. So when I found OTF I found everything I loved all in 1 building and in 1 hour and I knew I had found my HAPPY PLACE!
Why I Became a Personal Trainer: Having been a high school & collegiate athlete fitness was something I was always serious about. However, I didn't listen to the calling until I started going through my own journey. Personal training afforded me the opportunity to use my love for fitness and my own experience to help others move closer & closer towards their goals. There truly is nothing more rewarding than going home knowing you made an impact or changed someone’s life with just a 1hr interaction where you're able to share the wonderful and rewarding world of Health & Fitness!!!
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Certification: Bachelor of Arts Exercise Science, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Management Specialty Certification
Fun Facts: My children refer to me as “The Anti-Christ” believe it or not, it truly is intended with love. I have a “shark bite” on my back.
Favorite Exercise: I don’t have a favorite. I am always looking to change up what I do as not to get bored and find new ways to challenge myself.
Food of Choice: Any type of salad, bananas and peanut butter
Why I Love OTF: The routines are never the same allowing someone to push themselves at any given point outside of their comfort zone for them to reach their personal goals.
Why I Became a Personal Trainer: I want to be able to have a positive effect on someones life so, they will start and continue to better themselves overall.
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Certification: NASM
Fun Facts: I am very adventurous and a bit of a dare devil at times.
Favorite Exercise: Iso Squat Hold
Food of Choice: Caribbean Food
Why I Love OTF: The energy is infectious! It is a platform that allows for everyone to compete with themselves.
Why I Became a Personal Trainer: I genuinely enjoy making personal connections with my clients. It truly is rewarding when I see the growth in someone that I've helped guide.
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Certification: AAAIMSA
Fun Facts: Very adventurous love the landscape of nature and have a since on humor.
Favorite Exercise: Squat to Press
Food of Choice: Zucchini
Why I Love OTF: OTF creates a safe workout and atmosphere for all level of fitness.
Why I Became a Personal Trainer: I'm very passionate about health. I want to help as many people as I can. Healthy brain healthy world.


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